10 spooky VRChat worlds to visit this Halloween

10 spooky VRChat worlds to visit this Halloween

October is always a good time to see new worlds in VRChat, as the annual Spookality event brings out a lot of creativity. Be sure to check the Spookality line in the menu for the latest submissions. Some have already stood the test of time and are worth checking out if you’re in the mood to scare.

Here’s a selection of exciting VRChat worlds you can’t miss this Halloween.

Both of these worlds will get you in the spooky mood with a bit of fun, and are a great way to dip your toes in if you’re not brave enough for real scares. Both are compatible with Quest and are great examples of the range of content you can expect on this platform.

Spooky Town & The Pumpkin Master (PC & Quest)

Created by Legends and available on VR Chat here.

This charming adventure is pure classic Halloween, with giant pumpkins, graveyards and a large, twisting mansion on a hill. You enter a cobweb covered crypt with flying bats and a guide who doesn’t seem to trust you much. This storybook adventure is made especially immersive with animated characters and whimsical environments.

Solve some puzzles and knock on the big door, maybe you can finally walk through the door!

Better experience: As fun in single player as in multiplayer.

Ability: Accommodates up to 12 players, but 6 or less is an ideal group size.

Length: 30 mins

Butter of Terror (PC and Quest)

Created by のり and available on VRChat here.

A silly take on the classic horror puzzle genre, this one has entertaining puzzles, absurd moments, and while the visuals are bare bones, the gameplay is solid. It’s unclear why this world is themed around the ridiculous buttery creatures, but it’s just part of the VRChat “all is well” philosophy. Few other worlds in this category will make you laugh so hard.

Better experience: Multiplayer to share the hilarity.

Ability: Can accommodate up to 32 players, but around 4 are recommended.

Length: 30 mins

These next worlds are a great way to experience the thrills, whether you want to dive in for a short time or want a few scary experiences in a row. These have some particularly creative concepts and can keep you thinking long after the game is over.

Alone in Silence (PC and Quest)

Created by IgbarVonSquid and available on VRChat here.

This world immerses you in a dreamscape full of encrypted messages floating through the arid desert. Even though you arrived with a group, you will find yourself alone…if you are lucky you might encounter another person as you try to figure out the purpose and mystery here. Eerie and meditative, yet full of danger, it’s a unique concept in the spooky genre.

Better experience: Solo, but you can play with friends, as long as you know you’ll be apart for the most part.

Ability: Can accommodate up to 32 players

Length: 15 minutes

~Chill Vibes~

Created by ShutUpSergeant in collaboration with 1029chris and available on VRChat here.

At first glance, this world is a forgettable cozy apartment like thousands of others on the platform. But something is wrong. A crack has opened on the other side of the carefully decorated walls and suggests that something more sinister lurks behind. You could, I suppose, relax here and remain ignorant. Some things are perhaps best ignored.

Better experience: It depends on whether you like to magnify goosebumps through loneliness, or want a hand to hold.

Ability: Can accommodate up to 20 players, but no more than 4 are suggested.

Length: 15 minutes

Time Breach (PC only)

By Jordo in collaboration with Ruuubick, Akalink and Legends and available on VRChat here.

You wake up to find yourself trapped in a facility of locked doors, possessing only a strange device on your wrist. As you explore, you find clues to how it all works, as well as disturbing sights – blood-splattered floor, cryptic notes. You could explore more carefully, but have you time? A very smart and fast game.

Better experience: Solo, but it can be fun to race your friends to finish first.

Ability: Can accommodate up to 12 players.

Length: 30 mins

These next two aren’t typical “horror” or Halloween, but their unsettling atmospheres fit right into that category. Both have more under the surface than they originally seem.

Immerse (PC only)

Created by Fins and available on VRChat here.

You are a team investigating a mysterious underwater phenomenon discovered by a government agency, and your team’s job is to investigate in a submersible. It’s an immersive cinematic experience similar to a theme park-style ride. The journey begins with a scenic excursion through colorful reefs with swimming underwater life, but becomes darker and more mysterious as you explore deeper into a deep underwater cavern. The suspense builds slowly for most of the ride, but be warned, things can get unsettling fast. You will definitely find… something… there.

This world has a sequel with more gameplay elements that you might want to check out if you enjoyed this one, called Submerge 2.

Better experience: Bring a small team so you can speculate together and show the sights during the slow first part of the ride.

Ability: Can accommodate 4 players.

Length: 30 mins

MIRЯIM (PC only)

Created by IgbarVonSquid and available on VRChat here.

You find yourself alone in a spartan apartment, unremarkable except for a large mirror. But this mirror seems somehow powered. Even though mirroring is a favorite VRChat pastime, it sounds a lot less appealing when a voice asks you to, doesn’t it? Maybe there is more to this world. A twist on reflections, this short adventure will bend your perceptions as you discover how to break out of your seeming captivity.

Better experience: Solo, can only accommodate one player at a time.

Ability: 1

Length: 30 mins

Finally, for PC horror game enthusiasts, there are a few worlds in VRChat that offer truly self-contained gaming quality. These next three are great examples that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Devouring (PC only)

Created by Lakuza in collaboration with Fionna, CyanLaser and Legends and available on VRChat here.

After a car accident, you find yourself in a sprawling mansion with supernatural beings determined to keep you in the guest room. As you solve each challenge, you uncover more clues as to how you might possibly escape, while evading your captors with cunning, speed, and stealth. Expect tough challenges, plenty of terrifying moments, and a true sense of accomplishment if you reach the end.

Better experience: Multiplayer, plan to take breaks, and if a challenge is too difficult, one person can complete it and unlock it for others.

Ability: Up to 4 players.

Length: 4-6 hours

Black – Nocturne (PC only)

Created by AltCentauri and available on VRChat here.

This game takes place in a film noir/steampunk style universe, populated by shady characters, humans and robots. You’ve been summoned for some sort of subversive mission, but it’ll take a bit of cunning to avoid getting caught. Voiced and animated characters, a sprawling city, and unique visuals make this world an unforgettable experience.

Better experience: Currently limited to single player mode, but if the capacity is increased, it’s a great duo adventure.

Ability: 1

Length: 1-3 hours

Obsession (PC only)

Created by Flowersrite and available on VRChat here.

A long time ago in China, something terrible happened in this house. As the tale unfolds with memorized voices, shadow theater and supernatural visions, you piece together the clues to solve the puzzles and understand the house’s past. Along the way, the lines between reality and the supernatural blur, and past and present begin to overlap. This beautifully crafted game is atmospheric, dark and haunting.

Better experience: Single player for maximum thrills, but small team multiplayer is good too.

Ability: Holds up to 8, but no more than 4 is recommended.

Length: 1 to 3 hours of play.

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