Lana Del Rey Opens Up About Stolen Devices Containing New Book and Music

Lana Del Rey Opens Up About Stolen Devices Containing New Book and Music

Lana Del Rey has shared a series of video messages on Instagram announcing that her laptop, hard drives and camcorders were stolen from her car, resulting in lost progress on her book and leaks of unfinished songs. In four clips on her @honeymoon IG account – actually one long post cut into pieces – she tells the story of smashing her car windows while parked, resulting in the theft of her backpack and devices. LDR says she lost a 200-page manuscript for her upcoming Simon & Schuster book, which she now has to start over because it hasn’t been saved. Despite remotely wiping the laptop, she also noticed new songs leaking.

“So I wanted to talk to you about something for a minute a few months ago, I parked my car in Melrose Place, and walked away for a minute, and the only time I left my purse at back in my car, someone broke all the windows and I took it, and inside was my computer, my three camcorders and my hard drive,” LDR explains in the first video. “And I had to remotely wipe the computer that had my 200 page book for Simon & Schuster, and I didn’t have a cloud backup because we don’t have any cloud access, and despite that, people can still this week remote access to my phone, our songs and our personal photos and I just want to mention that despite everything that is happening, I am confident in the file to come and so many security factors and so many different levels. I really want to persist and make the best art possible.

“And if I have to start my book again, which I do, obviously I’ll never leave anything in the car again even if it’s just for a while,” she continues. “But we had the same issues at home and that’s a constant thing and although I’m so grateful to be able to share all the good things that I also want to share, it’s been a challenge. And I think it is important to say that it’s a bit of a hindrance in terms of the creative process and keeping things safe and valuable and protecting myself as well With all the action happening around me, in my home, wherever I am going, and so I don’t even think a need for respect of some privacy would do anything, but I want to be honest about the fact that I’m worried about what’s going to be out there and both years of videos we have of family and everything we intended to turn into a little snippet of our lives over the past two years and everything that might have been there – I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen with that”

“But that’s exactly what’s happening and with everything leaking lately I just want to highlight that it’s hard and there’s really nothing you can do because I can’t really make my devices safer,” she added. “You know, but people access them without my knowledge and inevitable unless I have them completely and no one has them, in terms of songs. So hopefully nothing else, you know, becomes available or stolen, and that’s just an off-the-cuff thought I’ve had for a long time. And I don’t really like to share things that aren’t going to be planned but you know that’s why I was private in the first place and it doesn’t really seem to have any bearing on things staying or not really private. But you know, even if these are just my innermost thoughts, I accept that, but I just want to say that it’s a challenge.

“Please don’t listen to the music, if you can hear it, because it’s not coming out yet,” the pop star concludes. “And as for the book, I loved the book that I lost with all my heart and put a lot of passion into it. And as for the camcorders, we’ll see what happens with that , so this is an update that I obviously wouldn’t normally give but I’m worried about it so now you know it’s like the third time this has happened I just wanted to bring it up. is that, and beyond and upwards and we’ll see. Thank you.”

The videos are only viewable by followers of Del Rey’s account, but were shared by a fan on YouTube:

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