‘Ticket to the Past’ previews the future of museum experiences

Recently opened in downtown Gettysburg’s beautifully preserved train station, the Gettysburg Foundation’s “Ticket to the Past: Unforgettable Journey” is a wonderful and life-changing virtual reality experience that can give visitors a glimpse into the future of engagement of museum visitors with history.

“Ticket to the Past” is more like a series of face-to-face encounters than a traditional museum tour from exhibit to exhibit.

Gettysburg’s first virtual reality experience promises to expand your imagination, awareness, understanding and empathy – and perhaps even boost your civic awareness, courage and involvement.

There, at 35 Carlisle Street, the same station where President Lincoln came to town from Hanover and Hanover Junction (Seven Valleys) on the Hanover Rail Corporation line in November 1863 to deliver the famous Gettysburg Address, you come face-to-face to one of three extraordinary individuals of that era.


Choose either Basil Biggs, described as a freedom fighter, enabler for the dead, and pursuer of unfinished business; Cornelia Hancock, military nurse, hospital hero and dedicated social worker; or Eli Blanchard, teenage volunteer, Iron Brigade gang member and amputation assistant.

Thanks to virtual reality glasses, your character tells you his story before, during and after the Battle of Gettysburg, from July 1 to 3, 1863.

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