What we would like to see in Rings of Power season 2 |  Digital trends

What we would like to see in Rings of Power season 2 | Digital trends

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and speculation about what might happen in Season 2.

So now we know who Sauron is, and we’ve figured out how the “one ring that will rule them all” came to be forged. After a season finale that featured several major reveals, power rings will be off our television screens for at least a year, leaving several plot threads unresolved and some mysteries yet to be revealed.

Now, fans of the show will have plenty of time to speculate on what might happen in the show’s second season. Will the newly revealed Sauron show his hand to the other characters? Will Durin give in to temptation? Here’s a quick rundown of the things we’d like to see in the next season of the show.

Sauron confronts his enemies

Season Finale Trailer | The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power | First video

As seen at the end of Season 1, Halbrand shows his hand and reveals himself to be Sauron. He then attempts to lure Galadriel to his cause, explaining that since Morgoth was defeated, all he really wants is to bridge the divisions in Middle-earth. Galadriel doesn’t really buy it, however, and Sauron disappears altogether.

At the end of the season, however, we see him heading for Mount Doom, where Adar and his army of orcs await. If season 2 picks up where season one left off, chances are we’ll see Sauron face off against Adar head-on. By the time we meet the Fellowship, Sauron is firmly in control of the orcs, so Sauron will have to defeat Adar at some point and take control of his forces. We could also see Sauron claiming Mordor for himself and attempting to spread the darkness that has plagued this land throughout the rest of Middle-earth.

What form Sauron’s confrontation will take remains to be seen. He’s an extremely powerful dark wizard, but he doesn’t have any sort of army at his disposal, so he seems to be at a pretty disadvantage.

More sentimental stuff from Harfoot

The harfotts smile in The Rings of Power.

Nori now embarks on her own adventure with the wizard, and she has left the rest of the Harfoots behind. It’s unclear if we’ll check back with the rest of the Harfoots next season, but hopefully there’ll be plenty more action for them in future episodes.

Halflings are an essential part of Tolkien’s world and often serve as his heart and soul. Above all, they remind us of the good in the world and the innocence that so many of our characters strive to uphold.

Sauron helps build additional rings

Halbrand gazes into the distance in The Rings of Power.

In the finale, the elves are incredibly close to forging rings of power under Sauron’s influence. After Galadriel discovered Sauron, however, they decided to go ahead with forging the rings. Instead of forging two, however, they decide to forge three in an effort to maintain balance. These rings were forged outside of Sauron’s influence, but we already know that the rings given to dwarves and men are an integral part of Sauron’s larger plan.

While he won’t actually be able to forge all of those rings next season, we hope that Sauron will indulge the dwarves or men and corrupt them. This corruption will eventually give rise to the rings, and as we well know, Sauron will eventually forge a ring that will rule them all.

Durin will dive too eagerly and too deeply

Durin seems worried in The Rings of Power.

We have already seen Durin discover mithril and offer it to Elrond and the elves, but the last time we saw him, he had been forbidden to dig deeper in the mines of Khazad-dûm by his father the king , who rightly believed that digging like this could bring ruin. What we also see, however, is that Durin is determined to keep digging at all costs, and it seems likely that Mithril will be needed to forge the rest of the rings.

We also saw what awaits the dwarves as they continue to dig. A balrog lives in the depths of the mine, and it is this balrog that will eventually transform Khazad-dûm into the grave seen when he appears in Fellowship of the Ring. There are thousands of years between the events we are currently witnessing and those of Camaraderie, but we already know the end of this story. What we now understand is that Durin’s determination to dig for mithril is based on more than his own greed. He believes he needs the mithril to save the elves.

The fall of Númenor begins


If it wasn’t already clear, Númenor isn’t there when Bilbo finds the One Ring. What happens to him would be a bit of a spoiler, but as the season ends, it’s clear trouble is brewing in the realm of man. Queen Miriel has now lost her father and will have to consider whether she is the right person to take over.

Furthermore, we know that Pharazon has no real desire to help his fellow man, and is instead only interested in expanding the power and influence of Númenor. If Sauron shows up in conniving form, it’s easy to see how the Númenorians could be tricked into making the kinds of mistakes that will ultimately have horrific consequences for them.

Keep Morfydd Clark in the center

Morfydd Clark in The Rings of Power.

Though there are certainly plenty of plot developments we’d love to see in a second season. More important than all that, however, is keeping Morfydd Clark’s Galadriel at the center of the story.

Clark’s performance has been a revelation thus far, and his version of the character seems both less fully formed and just as powerful as the one we’ve seen in the Peter Jackson movies. Clark is the beating heart of the series and she is central to its overall mission.

Let the story unfold at its own pace

Galadriel enters into a fierce battle in The Rings of Power.

In general, rings of powerThe first season of was a huge success. The show generated a large audience, it took advantage of its large budget to create exciting sets. The biggest problem with the first season came when it felt like the show was pushing too hard to get its story where it needed to go.

There were times when the characters could have had more room to breathe, and we could have seen their development unfold more gradually. Here’s hoping we have more room for subtlety in the coming season.

First season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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